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UT, Y-12, and Stanley Healthcare Work to Advance Technology

Most people have experienced a long wait to see a doctor. Technology being developed through a new collaboration between UT Knoxville, Y-12 National Security Complex, and Stanley Healthcare aims to cut down on wait times. The three entities are developing an intelligent interactive dashboard that crunches data in realtime to help managers determine how best to administer flow.

UT/Y-12 Partnership Furthers Promising Research

Research and development efforts can be time-consuming.Many projects end up taking years to complete and most researchers at the Y-12 National Security Complex must divide their time between numerous projects. Y‑12’s formal partnership with UT offers a simple solution: graduate research assistants.

WBIR-TV: UT & Y-12

Last year, UT and Y-12 signed an agreement strengthening their partnership. The collaboration allows for joint appointments of key researchers, engineers, executives, and staff. Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek and Darrel Kohlhorst, president and general manager of B&W Y-12, were guests on WBIR-TV to discuss the partnership and exciting research projects and programs already underway in this collaboration.

UT’s Baker Center, Y-12 to Host Foreign Policy Expert Next Week

Noted foreign policy expert Walter Russell Mead will visit the campus on April 2 and 3. Mead will present a lecture titled “American Strategy in the Atomic Age” at 5:00 p.m. on April 2. At noon on April 3 there will be a panel discussion on “Public Intellectuals and Blogging” featuring Mead and Glenn Reynolds, professor in the UT College of Law and author of the blog “Instapundit.”

Y-12 and UT Collaborate to Increase Safety and Savings

The partnership between the Y-12 National Security Complex and UT is solving problems, increasing safety, and saving money. A project between Y-12 and UT’s Construction Industry Research and Policy Center (CIRPC) within the College of Business Administration to evaluate ways to maintain safety, allow workers to do their jobs, and not affect the welfare of the current workforce is a case in point.

UT Institute for Nuclear Security Hosts “Uranium Bowl”

A team of terrorists attacked a nuclear material facility in Knoxville, but were successfully repelled by the facility’s guard force. Then the guards and terrorists switched roles, and did it again. Luckily, the attack was fiction and response was just an exercise in the inaugural Uranium Bowl—a physical security “play-off” between students at UT and North Carolina State University.

Chancellor and Y-12 General Manager Talk about New Partnership

This past fall UT Knoxville and the Y-12 National Security Complex entered into a formal partnership that holds great promise, not only for UT and Y-12 but for our state and nation. Chancellor Jimmy Cheek and Y-12 General Manager Darrel Kohlhorst offer a concise overview.