Space: Football’s Final Frontier

The Wall Street Journal interviewed alumnus Barry “Butch” Wilmore about watching Southeastern Conference football in space. Wilmore, a NASA astronaut,

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UTSI Professor and Student Win Aerospace Awards

Joseph Majdalani, the Arnold Chair of Excellence in Advanced Propulsion at the UT Space Institute, was honored with the Abe M. Zarem Educator Award at the fifty-first Aerospace Sciences Meeting. UTSI graduate student Charles Haddad was also honored with the Abe M. Zarem Award for Distinguished Achievement in Astronautics.

Big Idea: Professor’s Invention Seeks to Destroy Cancer

Big Orange. Big Ideas.

Christian Parigger, associate professor of physics at the UT Space Institute in Tullahoma, wants to advance the fight against cancer. His big idea: develop a technology that goes on a “seek and destroy” mission for cancerous tumors. His invention uses a femtosecond laser to focus in on a specific region to find and acutely map a tumor.