UT Alert News

Today’s UT Alert Test

Earlier this afternoon, the university tested the text messaging and e-mail messaging portions of its UT Alert notification system. If you did not receive the messages, visit the UT Alert page and verify your account information. UT Alert messages are sent only during serious emergencies that require you to act immediately or to be aware of an imminent threat to your safety. The UT Police Department also will use the system to let you know about major disruptions in campus schedules.

Have You Signed Up for UT Alert?

Did you get your UT Alert text message or e-mail message yesterday? The bank robbery at the University Center and subsequent evacuation prompted distribution of UT Alert messages to all subscribers. UT Alert is the campus notification system that allows the university to notify students, faculty, and staff via text message or e-mail message about an emergency. If you have not signed up, please take a few minutes to register online.

New Government Text Messages Differ from UT Alert System

The federal government is now text messaging smart phone consumers through their wireless carriers, regardless of whether they sign up for a notification system. People in other university communities have recently received these messages and confused them with their university’s emergency text message notification system. The federal messages are location-based and sent to people with smart phones that are capable of receiving the wireless emergency alerts through their carrier.

Sign Up for UT Alert Text and E-mail Messages

The university will be testing its UT Alert text messaging on Friday. There is still time to sign up to participate in the test. UT Alert allows students, faculty, and staff to be notified via text message or e-mail in the event of an emergency or campus closure. As part of Emergency Preparedness Month, the university encourages members of the campus community to learn more about potential emergencies and to take advantage of all safety resources.

Be Prepared for Spring Storm Warnings

Do you know what to do when a tornado warning is issued for areas that include our campus? The university will send a UT Alert text message and e-mail to the campus community when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning for areas that include our campus. If the message directs you to shelter in place, please take the steps listed at safety.utk.edu.

UT to Test UT Alert Text System Tuesday

The university will test the UT Alert text messaging and e-mail system at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 24. All UT Alert subscribers should receive a message marked “test” around the scheduled time. The UT Alert system sends messages to any device that can receive text messages through cellular service, such as cell phones, text pagers, and smart phones.

Test of UT ALERT System Scheduled for Today

UT Knoxville is scheduled to conduct a test of its UT ALERT system this afternoon. The test is tentatively scheduled for 4 p.m. The UT ALERT system allows students, faculty, and staff to be notified via text message in the event of an emergency or campus closure. The message also can be sent to a designated e-mail address, PDA, or pager. Students, faculty, and staff must opt in to the service.

UT Holds Safety Day, Kicks Off National Campus Safety Awareness Month

The UT Knoxville campus, will hold its annual Safety Day on Wednesday, Sept. 2, to kick off National Campus Safety Awareness Month. For the second year in a row, UT is one of several schools that will focus on safety awareness in partnership with the national nonprofit organization Security On Campus Inc. The group aims to prevent violence, substance abuse and other crimes on college and university campuses.

UT Minute – Campus Safety

Captain Keith Lambert discusses many of the programs and services that UTPD offers free of charge to members of the UT community.

UT to Conduct Test of UT ALERT System

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is scheduled to conduct a test of its UT ALERT system on July 9, 2009. The test is tentatively scheduled to occur at approximately 2 p.m.