Southeastern Transportation Center News

Study Could Improve Safety for Cyclists, E-Bikes

A study by UT researchers could soon change the way electric bicycles are used and regulated. Led by Chris Cherry, the group took one of the first in-depth looks at how the behavior of e-bike riders compares to that of traditional bikers.

Nambisan Elected President of Council of University Transportation Centers

College of Engineering professor Shashi Nambisan has been elected president of the Council of University Transportation Centers. Nambisan, of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Center for Transportation Research, is one of the leading researchers in the area of transportation. Nambisan’s expertise led the governor of Nevada to proclaim “Shashi Nambisan Day” in recognition of his efforts to improve transportation safety in that state.

UT-led University Transportation Center Establishes Major Research Initiatives

The Southeastern Transportation Center has established an ambitious research program to address comprehensive transportation safety in the Southeast and beyond. The STC research topics include class modification factors, integrated simulation and safety, and exploring factors that impact safety.

Center for Transportation Research Wins $5.5 Million DOT Grant

The UT Center for Transportation Research has won a $5.5 million federal award that renews the center’s lead in the research consortium for the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration Region 4, the Southeastern Transportation Center.