School of Art News

UT Professor’s Film Wins ‘Experimental’ Award at Los Angeles Festival

The vampire frenzy is sweeping the nation and experimental film is following the trend. UT Professor of Film and Video Production Norman Magden’s film, “Café,” received first place in the Experimental Film category in the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival. The movie also was selected for screening at festivals in Hollywood, New Orleans, Denver and Ecuador.

Printing Artists ‘Drive By Press’ to Print with Public

The UT Visual Arts Committee, the UT Print Club and the Betsy Worden Printmaking Endowment are sponsoring a free and open lecture by Drive By Press at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 27 in Room 105 of the Art and Architecture Building. On the following day, Wednesday, Oct. 28, Drive By Press will hand-print apparel with the public in the northeast corner of Staff Lot 9, south of the Humanities Building, on Volunteer Blvd.

Ready for the World: Our World in Need — UT Photography Professor Baldwin Lee Focuses a Lens on Poverty

Baldwin Lee has seen his share of poverty. In his forthcoming book, to be titled “On Photographing in the South,” Lee, a photography professor in the School of Art at UT Knoxville, will provide a visual tour of the Southeast, including some of the poorer areas of the region. Lee is sharing these same photos with his students this year to help them understand poverty — and to help them learn to look beyond poverty to see people.