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Washington Post: The bottom line on summer learning loss

The Washington Post featured UT professor Dick Allington in a story about summer reading loss and ways to help children maintain their academic skills. Allington is a professor of literacy studies and one of the nation’s leading authorities on summer reading loss. Read the story here.

Experts Offer Tips to Prevent Children’s Learning Loss During Summer

With school out and a long summer break ahead, many children are in danger of forgetting what they’ve learned during the academic year. UT experts are offering tips on how children can stay sharp and exercise their brain muscles during the hot summer months. “Learning over the summer does not have to be stressful or laborious,” said Matt Devereaux, an associate professor in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.

What to read?

Many experts say kids should be allowed to read pretty much whatever they want in summer. Richard Allington, a professor in theory and practice in teacher education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and an expert on reading, tells The Washington Post how parents should choose summer reading material for children.