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Which Deaths Matter?

The Atlantic featured a story that examines why and how the media covers deaths. “When it comes to the humans behind these statistics…not all casualties are covered equally. Researchers have found that the U.S. media gives more sustained and personalized attention to some deaths than to others,” it read. One factor that enables ample coverage

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UT Professor Launches ‘Relationship Rx’ Project for Romantic Couples

We receive check-ups for our teeth, eyes, and even our cars—but not for something that is the foundation of most our lives: our romantic relationships. A study by Kristina Gordon, associate professor of psychology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, seeks to determine if periodic check-ups can keep relationships strong and healthy for a lifetime by increasing intimacy, improving communication, and promoting greater acceptance of each partner, among other outcomes.

UT Psychologists Find Thinner Wives Could Be Key to Happy Marriage

Could a thinner wife be the key to a happy marriage? A study by University of Tennessee, Knoxville, doctoral candidate Andrea Meltzer and psychology Associate Professor James McNulty shows married couples are happier when wives are thinner than their husbands.

UT Knoxville Students Receive National Science Foundation Fellowship

Three graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences at UT Knoxville are recipients of the 2010 National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship. The NSF awards are given to students based on their potential as young scientists and for intellectual merit and broader impact. The fellowships are used to further their research.

UT Professor Burghardt’s Research Featured on PBS

The research of UT Professor Gordon Burghardt will be featured on the Oct. 20 NOVA program on PBS from 8 – 9 p.m. (Comcast channel 2, digital cable channel 15). The show is focused on the entire group of monitor lizards, which includes the largest lizard in the world, the Komodo Dragon. Burghardt is a UT Alumni Distinguished Service Professor and holds appointments in the Departments of Psychology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

UT Pregame Showcase Examines Link Between Substance Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence

Gregory Stuart, associate professor of psychology, will lead a discussion on the link between substance abuse and partner violence at the College of Arts and Sciences Pregame Faculty Showcase at UT Knoxville. This week’s presentation takes place Saturday, Oct. 3, before the UT home game against Auburn University. It begins at 5:45 p.m. in the University Center Ballroom.