Pregame Faculty Showcase News

Play Date: Saturday’s UT Pregame Showcase to Focus on Importance of Play

Gordon Burghardt, Alumni Distinguished Service Professor in the departments of Psychology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, will be talking about the importance of play at this week’s Pregame Showcase prior to Saturday’s football game against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Pregame Showcase Focuses on Historical Reactions to the Koran

Discussion of the Muslim book of faith, the Koran, generates a wide range of opinions. UT Knoxville professor of history Tom Burman will look at many of these historical viewpoints in this week’s College of Arts and Sciences Pregame Showcase, “Christians’ Reaction to the Koran in History.

UT Pregame Showcase Kicks off Twenty-second Season

UT Knoxville home football games draw tens of thousands of fans to campus each week. The College of Arts and Sciences Pregame Showcase offers those fans a unique experience to learn from some of UT’s most exceptional faculty members.

UT Pregame Showcase Goes Batty

This week’s Pregame Showcase features Gary McCracken, department head and professor of ecology and evolutionary biology. He will present “The Conservation of North American Bats: What Happens If We Lose Them?”