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Ready for the World: Our World in Need — UT Philosophy Professor Probes Bigger Questions about Poverty

What is poverty? When David Reidy asks his students that, he’s not looking for a number or a simple definition. He’s asking them to think about what poverty means — and how it can mean vastly different things to different people. Reidy, associate professor of philosophy and adjunct associate professor of political science at UT Knoxville, teaches courses that help students understand and evaluate political, social and legal issues. The discussion often looks at poverty and how it relates to trade, wealth distribution and government.

Ready for the World: Our World in Need — UT Photography Professor Baldwin Lee Focuses a Lens on Poverty

Baldwin Lee has seen his share of poverty. In his forthcoming book, to be titled “On Photographing in the South,” Lee, a photography professor in the School of Art at UT Knoxville, will provide a visual tour of the Southeast, including some of the poorer areas of the region. Lee is sharing these same photos with his students this year to help them understand poverty — and to help them learn to look beyond poverty to see people.