OIT News

Campus Gets Digital Cable TV Upgrade

The university has partnered with Campus Televideo, powered by DirecTV, to provide expanded digital cable service for the campus. This new service expands channel offerings and provides more than fifty high-definition channels. The new digital service requires faculty and staff who have analog (nondigital) televisions in their offices or classrooms to get digital-to-analog converter boxes.

OIT Announces January Changes to T-Storage

The Office of Information Technology will increase the T-Storage quotas for home areas and set a new quota for departmental areas on Monday, January 6. Home area quotas (H: drives) will increase from twenty-five GB to fifty GB. Departmental areas (I: drives) will have a new 200 GB per user quota enforced. On this same date, OIT will update the schedule for which T-Storage makes backups of your data.

Volmail Upgrade for Staff and Faculty

Today and tomorrow, Microsoft will upgrade all Microsoft Live ID accounts that are affiliated with UT e-mail addresses to Office 365 accounts. These accounts primarily provide staff and faculty access to IT Academy. There is not expected to be a service outage during the upgrade. After the upgrade, staff and faculty will have two separate accounts with the same user name and password.

Adobe Audit Deadline Now February 21

The deadline has been extended for the university-wide license review from Adobe software that was announced last month. In addition to the need for desktop and laptop scans that was previously communicated, all university-owned servers in Mac or Windows environments have to be scanned for Adobe products by Thursday, February 21.

Adobe Information Collection from all UT-owned Computers

UT has been selected to undergo a license review to ensure that Adobe software is being utilized in compliance with the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreements. As part of this review, all UT-purchased computers in both Windows and Mac environments will need to have software installation data gathered.

OIT to Move Employees, Services to UT Knoxville Campus

The UT Office of Information Technology is moving more of its people and resources from UT System administration to the Knoxville campus administration. The switch is expected to be completed by August 2010, and should result in more-efficient service and significant cost savings to the Knoxville campus.

Cervone, Colter Elected as Exempt Staff Council Officers

Tom Cervone, program/managing director of the Department of Theatre and Clarence Brown Theatre, was recently elected chair of the Exempt Staff Council. Shane Colter, associate chief information officer for UT Knoxville administration and academics in OIT, will serve as chair elect.

OIT Plans Upgrades to Campus E-Mail, Web Search

“The Office of Information Technology launched a customer satisfaction survey on February 9, 2010, with the purpose of gathering input on your satisfaction with the IT services we provide and your ideas for improvement,” says UT Chief Information Office Scott Studham. “I personally want to provide an update on how we are responding to the results and comments of this survey.”

Changes to Tmail/Outlook Web Access Coming Wednesday

When using Tmail from your browser, have you ever been writing an email and your session timed out? Based on user feedback, OIT will be expanding the default timeout for the public/shared computer option from 15 minutes to 1 hour. The timeout settings for the private computer option will remain 24 hours.