OIT News

Changes to UT Wireless Coming in July

OIT will reduce the number of UT wireless networks from four to two in order to increase the performance of the wireless network. Starting July 25, the broadcasted networks for connecting to wireless will be ut-open and eduroam.

Learn More about Using E-mail Clutter Folder

Clutter is a feature in Office 365 designed to move lower priority messages out of your Inbox and into your Clutter folder, saving you time when you scan for important messages.

Office 365/Volmail Feature: Clutter

In recent weeks, OIT has received several calls about important email messages or deadlines that have been missed because emails have been sorted into the Clutter folder.

OIT Announces Discounted Windows 10 Software

OIT is happy to announce that Microsoft has partnered with the Kivuto WebStore to provide faculty and staff the ability to purchase Windows Operating Systems and the Microsoft Office Suite for personally owned computers at a significant discount.

Need Help in Your Technology-Enhanced Classroom?

More than 200 classrooms across campus have technology enhancements, which include touch-panel controls for system components, computer display via projector, and in most cases a high-quality document camera and interactive devices

Workshops Focus on Making Word Documents Accessible

Have you ever considered how you read a Word document? Research shows that readers scan the content and jump forward to the information that seems most important, glancing through the images, graphs, and tables to quickly make sense of the visuals. But, what if the reader is dependent on an assistive device, such as a screen reader that

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