Office of the Provost News

WBIR-TV: UT works to alleviate ‘bottleneck’ classes

In this report from WBIR-TV, Provost Susan Martin discusses what UT Knoxville is doing to alleviate so-called “bottleneck” courses. Large numbers of students fight for a limited number of spaces for many general education courses. Martin says that UT has been hiring lecturers and rearranging instructional staff to ease students’ paths through these courses.

End of the Semester Academic Procedures

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Sally McMillan addresses policies regarding end of the semester procedures for UT Knoxville faculty, staff, and students.

Announcing the 2011-12 Women’s Leadership Class

The Office of the Provost recently announced the second class of the Women’s Leadership Program at UT Knoxville. This one-year program combines reading material with guest speakers and group discussions designed to help participants understand what leadership is and build self-awareness and strengthen leadership capabilities.