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Head to the Park During October for Smoky Mountain Field School Courses

The Smoky Mountain Field School has a slate of workshops planned for October, a beautiful time of year to explore the Smokies. Take a day hike to Mount LeConte, learn about bears, get comfortable with orienteering by map and compass, and learn about Cherokee plant lore.

News Sentinel: UT course trains students to handle unexploded weapons

The Knoxville News Sentinel highlighted UT’s new Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) course in this story. The course, which is being offered through Non-Credit Programs, is training technicians to become certified at detecting, identifying, removing and destroying unexploded devices at domestic military bases and test sites, as well as battle-torn regions worldwide.

UT to Offer Training Course on Cleaning Up Unexploded Weapons

Ongoing wars, past conflicts, and military training have resulted in large numbers of unexploded munitions littering the United States and countries around the world. UT Knoxville in partnership with Maryville-based company Relyant, is offering a new training program to fill the growing need for technicians who are skilled at detecting, identifying, removing, and destroying those weapons to prevent the loss of limb or life.