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2013–14 Life of the Mind Book Will be Eaarth by Bill McKibben

The world is “melting, drying, acidifying, flooding, and burning” because of destructive environmental changes, and we must alter our ways if we want to keep the planet habitable for ourselves and future generations. That’s the warning from noted environmentalist Bill McKibben in his latest book, Eaarth. Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet will be next year’s Life of the Mind common reading selection for UT freshmen.

Metro Pulse: 17,000 Species in the Great Smoky Mountains. And Counting.

The Metro Pulse interviewed Nate Sanders, an associate professor in ecology and evolutionary biology, about his assistance into a large-scale project looking to identify every living thing in the Great Smoky Mountains. Sanders conducts research on biodiversity of the more than seventeen thousand species.

UT Study: Climate Change Affects Ants and Biodiversity

In the eastern US, ants are integral to plant biodiversity because they help disperse seeds. But ants’ ability to perform this vital function, and others, may be jeopardized by climate change, according to Nate Sanders, associate professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UT Knoxville.