Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures News

Blackwell Wins Nabokov Prize for Book

Stephen H. Blackwell, a professor of Russian, won the 2013 prize for the Best Scholarly Contribution in the area of Nabokov Studies with his 2009 book The Quill and the Scalpel: Nabokov’s Art and the Worlds of Science. He received the award from the Nabokov Online Journal during a special ceremony at the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris, France, in April. The award carries a $600 cash prize.

UT Study: Native-like Brain Processing of Second Language Possible in University Students

Along with helping students gain a global perspective, study abroad experiences may give college students a particular kind of advantage in learning another language. Research by Harriet Bowden, an assistant professor of Spanish at UT, indicates that native-like brain processing of a second language is possible for university students.

“Do Deutsch!” Olympiad and German Campus Week at UT

Join the run-up to “Do Deutsch!,” this year’s October celebration of all things German, and give yourself a chance to win terrific prizes, including gift cards, sports memorabilia, event tickets, and much, much more! Starting August 29, UT Knoxville students can enter the “Do Deutsch!” Olympiad, a pentad of creativity contests based upon the theme “German(y) in your Life.”

UT’s Handelsman is Tennessee’s Foreign Language Teacher of the Year

Michael Handelsman, a University of Tennessee, Knoxville, professor of Spanish, Distinguished Professor in the Humanities and director of the university’s Latin American Studies program, has received the Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association’s (TFLTA) 2011 Jacqueline Elliott Award for teaching and service in higher education.

UT Knoxville to Grow Arab Studies Opportunities

UT Knoxville is expanding opportunities for students to learn about the Arab world. The departments of Religious Studies and Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures have received a grant for $195,103 from the U.S. Department of Education’s Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program for the infusion and enhancement of Arab studies.