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WATE-TV: UT professor helps discover flowing water on Mars

Scientists say they have now found evidence that there used to be flowing water on Mars. Helping those scientists is associate professor of earth and planetary sciences Linda Kah, who is using her expertise in geology to analyze their findings. She spoke with WATE-TV about the Mars Curiosity mission.

Engineering Team Develops Chip for Mars Rover

Ben Blalock

NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Rover Curiosity would have a hard time completing its mission if it were not for a successful partnership between the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a professor-student team at UT. Ben Blalock, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and two graduate students, designed a tiny microchip that weighs close to a paper clip and helps control the motors on the rover.

UT professors helping to lead mission to Mars

WATE-TV’s Jill McNeal interviewed Jeffrey Moersch, associate professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, before he headed to California for his Mars Mission. He and Linda Kah, also an associate professor in the department, are an integral part of the NASA team working on the Curiosity rover.