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WBIR: Gordon Explains How to Use H.A.L.T Model in Relationships

Kristina Gordon, UT psychology professor and relationship expert, explained to WBIR-TV Channel 10 when it is a good versus bad time to have a talk about conflict. Gordon says that it is smart to use the H.A.L.T Model when dealing with conflict in a relationship. She said it is best to not handle conflict when you

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UT Psychologists Offer Five Tips for Healthy Relationships

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, romantic relationships are on many of our minds. Experts at UT are offering tips to ensure relationships stay healthy and strong. Kristina Gordon, professor of psychology and director of RelationshipRx, a project seeking to make it easier for couples to take good care of their relationship health, says there are some easy steps people can take to build more intimacy and strengthen their relationships on a daily basis.

Psychology Today: From Promise to Promiscuity

Kristina Gordon, psychology professor, was interviewed for a lengthy piece entitled “From Promise to Promiscuity” on infidelity in Psychology Today. The national publication spoke to Gordon about her research into the “other woman.”

UT Professor Launches ‘Relationship Rx’ Project for Romantic Couples

We receive check-ups for our teeth, eyes, and even our cars—but not for something that is the foundation of most our lives: our romantic relationships. A study by Kristina Gordon, associate professor of psychology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, seeks to determine if periodic check-ups can keep relationships strong and healthy for a lifetime by increasing intimacy, improving communication, and promoting greater acceptance of each partner, among other outcomes.