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Feared Asteroid Turns Out to Be A Pile Of Rubble


Research by a UT team is receiving ample news coverage including on The Weather Channel,, and Times of India. Ben Rozitis, a postdoctoral researcher; Eric MacLennan, a doctoral candidate; and Joshua Emery, an assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, studied near-Earth asteroid 1950 DA and discovered that the body, which

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News Sentinel: UT expert: Meteorites not uncommon

The Knoxville News Sentinel interviewed Joshua Emery, assistant professor of earth and planetary sciences, about the 10-ton meteor that broke into pieces over Russia. Emery said the astronomical event is not terribly uncommon.

TIME: How to Weigh an Asteroid — and Why You Should Care

The work of a UT professor has been featured in TIME. Josh Emery, assistant professor of earth and planetary sciences, has helped reveal a rare orbital shift and the density of an asteroid that will pass close to Earth.

UT Scientist Searches for Moons Around Asteroids

Most people know that some planets have moons but would be surprised to know that some asteroids do, too. According to Joshua Emery, assistant professor of earth and planetary sciences at UT Knoxville, about 20 percent of them do.

UT Scientist Helps NASA Mission that Could Determine Building Blocks of Life

The plot has the makings of a summer blockbuster: An asteroid on a potential collision course with our planet holds the power to destroy life on Earth but also holds clues to what seeded it with the ingredients for life. One of the people seeking to recover its precious planetary science clues, while at the same time learning enough to prevent any collision with Earth, is UT Knoxville’s own Josh Emery.