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UT Research Uncovers Subglacial Life Beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet


UT research finds life can persist in a cold, dark world. A UT microbiology assistant professor was part of a team that examined waters and sediments from a shallow lake deep beneath the Antarctic ice sheet and found the extreme environment supports microbial ecosystems.

Expert on Antarctic Ecosystems to Present at Science Forum

The interactions between microbes and their environments, specifically in Antarctica, will be discussed at UT’s continuing Science Forum. Jill Mikucki, assistant professor of microbiology, will present “Antarctica: Exploring Ecosystems Below Half a Mile of Ice,” on Friday, September 20. The lecture begins at noon in Room C-D of Thompson-Boling Arena. Attendees can bring lunch or purchase it at the arena.

Stem Cells to Egyptian Graffiti: Mic/Nite Highlights Faculty Research

Ryann Aoukar

Imagine learning about significant research—everything from stem cell research to Egyptian graffiti—in seven minutes or less. That’s what happens at Mic/Nite, where eleven faculty members take turns making short presentations about their work. This semester’s Mic/Nite will be held on March 13 at the Relix Variety Theatre. The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. with a social hour, including a cash bar and pizza. The free event is open only to UT faculty, staff, and their spouses or partners.

The New York Times: Deep Under Antarctica, Looking for Signs of Life

A project involving Jill Mikucki, assistant professor of microbiology, was featured in The New York Times. It seeks to find evidence of life in a lake deep under the Antarctic ice as well as understanding the role subglacial lakes in stabilizing or destabilizing the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.