J. Paul Dittmann News

Faculty Member Elected to Kenco Board of Directors

J. Paul Dittmann, executive director of UT’s Global Supply Chain Institute, has accepted a position on the board of directors for Kenco. Kenco is a leading provider of distribution and fulfillment, transportation services, and intelligent information technology. Jane Kennedy Greene, Kenco chairwoman and CEO, said Dittmann will expand the diversity of background and experience on the board.

Faculty Member Named Global Supply Chain Thought Leader

An industry publication has named supply chain lecturer J. Paul Dittmann as one of the top ten supply chain thought leaders in the world. Dittmann is the executive director of the Global Supply Chain Institute in the College of Business Administration. SCM Operations developed the list based on a literature review using data searches through the Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review publications.

UT Faculty on Cutting Edge of Supply Chain Management Research

Faculty in the College of Business Administration are on the cutting edge of supply chain research and have several books in the works that demonstrate their expertise. They closed out 2011 with two published books, with another five to be printed this year.