Humanities and Social Sciences News

What’s Your Big Idea?—Collaborative Learning

What does a classroom look like with no “front”? Stop by the Humanities and Social Sciences Building to find out. Bill Dunne, chair of the classroom upgrade subcommittee and associate dean of the College of Engineering, had the big idea of renovating classrooms to foster student-centric learning.

UT Renovates Classroom Building to Focus on Student Collaboration

With the rise in popularity of online lectures, UT has moved toward student-centric learning in a building considered the “classroom hub” for the campus. While renovating the Humanities and Social Sciences Building last year, UT sought to overhaul the traditional higher education lecture—becoming one of the first universities in the country to dedicate an entire classroom building to this collaborative learning teaching style.

New Magnetic Boards in HSS Offer Ways to Get the Word Out

Have announcements to publicize in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building? Post them in style. New back-lit magnetic boards are available in lounge and study areas and are also dispersed throughout the hallways. Round magnets will be available to pin up posters.

Upgraded Humanities and Social Sciences Building Prepares to Open

HSS hallway

Students starting class next week will find a newly remodeled Humanities and Social Sciences Building, complete with more modern furnishings and high-tech facilities. The building features newly configured classrooms with brightly colored chairs that are set on wheels and spin in all directions, smart boards, new carpet and fresh paint with bold accent walls.

Improvement to Student Learning Drives HSS Renovations

A desire to improve learning and foster more student interaction is driving the renovations of the Humanities and Social Sciences Building. The work is already under way and will kick into high gear once the spring semester ends. It will continue through the summer.

HSS Instructors Encouraged to Participate in Workshops about New Classroom Designs

Workshops are under way to help instructors learn how to use the new technology and tools they’ll encounter in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building when renovations are completed this fall. Faculty, adjuncts, and graduate teaching assistants are encouraged to sign up for one of several workshops, which will continue through the end of the month. Topics include how to use and reconfigure the flexible classrooms and facilitating group-based learning.