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Study Compares Active Video Gaming to Unstructured Outdoor Play

The increasing use of video games is often blamed for children’s lack of interest in physical activity, but a UT study recently published in the “Games for Health Journal” suggests that active video games may actually be a source of moderate or intense physical activity in children five to eight years old.

Raynor Interviewed by TribLive for Nutrition Article

Hollie Raynor, associate professor of nutrition and director of public health nutrition at UT, and research chair of the weight-management dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, was interviewed for an article about the misunderstood research into whether eating more-frequent meals boosts metabolism.

Making an Impact: CEHHS Spotlights Raynor, Skinner

Hollie Raynor and Chris Skinner from the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences are working side by side with students to do research that is improving health and education in our community and beyond.

UT Researchers Offer Diet, Fitness Advice for Santa

Holiday season left you feeling chubby, tired, and stressed out? Just imagine how Santa must feel. Chelsi C. Wolz, a nutrition research associate, offers some diet and fitness tips to help the jolly old elf—and other holiday revelers—ring in the New Year with a new attitude.

WSJ: The Smorgasbord That Thinks It’s a Weight-Loss Plan

A growing number of people are heeding popular nutritional advice and have traded in the traditional breakfast-lunch-and-dinner lifestyle for a daylong stream of mini meals. The Wall Street Journal features the research of Hollie Raynor, an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition, that looks into whether eating frequent small meals has any specific weight-loss

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