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Many Geographers Honored at Annual Conference


The Department of Geography was a force to be reckoned with at the Southeastern division of the Association of American Geographers annual meeting held in November in Athens, Georgia. For the second straight year, the department received multiple awards.

Death of Yoda the 650-Year-Old Tree Tells Tale of Southwest Drought


The work of Geography Professor Henri Grissino-Mayer is getting ample media coverage. The media are covering the recent death of a 7-foot-tall Douglas fir, nicknamed Yoda, estimated to be more than 650 years old. Grissino-Mayer said the death is a testament to the severity of today’s drought, according to NBC News. A core sample obtained

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WBIR-TV: Tree Rings + iPads = History Teaching Tools

A cross section of a tree owned by Henri Grissino-Mayer, professor of geography, was used in a class presentation at Talbott Elementary School in Jefferson County. Almost two years ago, tree fell on a church in Knoxville.