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Science Magazine: UT Professor Leads Curation of Asteroid Samples

Science Magazine featured an upcoming NASA mission that launches this week to bring an asteroid sample back to Earth that could help scientists better understand the early solar system. The article mentions the role of Harry “Hap” McSween, professor emeritus of planetary geoscience, in this mission.

CBC Radio: Podcast Bonus – Making Mars Green

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio, as part of its Mars coverage, re-released a documentary about Terraforming Mars, which featured UT’s Harry “Hap” McSween. The piece examines a massive geo-engineering project of making the dry and barren Red Planet into an Earth-like new home for humanity. McSween noted that terraforming is closer to science fiction than science, and that everything from

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UT prof going to Antarctica to collect meteorites

The Knoxville News Sentinel interviewed Devon Burr, associate professor of earth and planetary sciences, who will be traveling to Antarctica to hunt for meteorites. View the story here. The paper also interviewed Chancellor’s Professor Harry “Hap” McSween who has done the same mission.

ABC News: Mars Rock Might Reveal Clues to Planet’s Ancient History

Harry McSween, Chancellor’s Professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, talked to ABC News about a meteorite estimated to be 4.4 billion years old that may hold some of the clues to Mars’ early history. “Most meteorites from Mars that have been officially recognized are relatively young, formed within the last quarter of

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WATE: Knoxville expert on Mars gains national attention

Earth and Planetary Sciences Professor Harry “Hap” McSween was featured by WATE-TV. He is on a two-year run of accolades. He has received Southeastern Conference Professor of the Year, the National Academy of Science J. Lawrence Smith medal, and most recently the Whipple Award, which honors scientists who have made major contributions in the field

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Professor’s Work on NASA Dawn Spacecraft Reveals Secrets of Large Asteroid

Slice of a meteorite

Harry “Hap” McSween, Chancellor’s Professor and Distinguished Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, presented findings of a mission investigating the asteroid Vesta at a press conference held at NASA headquarters on Thursday. McSween is a co-investigator for the Dawn spacecraft mission, which has been circling Vesta since last July and is slated to stay until late August.