Freshman Year Seminar News

The Art of the Prank

What is it about pranks that we find so interesting and entertaining? That question is at the core of a unique freshman seminar class to be taught by UT’s “Court Jester,” Beauvais Lyons. Lyons is also a gifted artist, mentor and a force behind the UT Knoxville School of Art’s graduate program in printmaking. Students in Lyons’ freshman seminar 129 course will study and stage a number of pranks during the semester to explore the social, political, ethical and artistic uses of the prank.

Wanted: Faculty to Teach 129 Courses

FYS 129 seminars are a change from ordinary. They give students the chance to enjoy small-group learning while transitioning to college. They also allow professors to enjoy engaging with students on topics of mutual interest while receiving $1,500 for research support. Faculty members interested in teaching 129 seminars are invited to submit proposals by April 16.