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State Health Insurance Transfer Appeal Deadline Set for August 31

To remain in the Partnership Promise PPO for calendar year 2012, the State of Tennessee required enrolled employees and spouses to have a health screening and complete a health questionnaire and submit the results to APS Healthcare by June 30. APS Healthcare sent out notifications to employees with an incomplete status in mid-August. If you believe you met the requirements and still received the letter, you may submit an appeal to APS. The deadline for appeals is Wednesday, August 31.

Important Message About Partnership Promise Health Questionnaire

The deadline for completing the health questionnaire and health screening required by the Partnership Promise is June 30. To help you complete the health questionnaire requirement, the University of Tennessee has arranged for APS Healthcare to come to the Hermitage Room on the third floor of the University Center between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 23.

Medical Insurance Online Accounts and Workplace Health Screenings

All employees participating in the State of Tennessee medical insurance program can now create an online account with APS Healthcare for the Partners for Health Wellness program. This online account will allow you to complete the health questionnaire and schedule a worksite health screening as required by the Partnership Promise. There will be a health screening in the Hollingsworth Auditorium on the agriculture campus this Saturday, March 5.

Option for Biweekly-paid Employees to Ease Impact of Insurance Premium Increase

To try easing the impact of increasing insurance premiums in 2011, employees who are paid biweekly will have the option of establishing twice-monthly payroll deductions for premiums. Splitting between both paychecks each month is intended to help make the insurance increase more manageable and to equalize net pay between the first and second biweekly payrolls of the month.

946-CARE Hotline Opens to Employees Monday

Beginning Monday, Aug. 9, UT Knoxville-area faculty and staff will have a new service at their fingertips which will help maintain a safe and healthy environment for the UT community. The new 946-CARE hotline will offer an avenue for employees to share their concerns for themselves or others.

Free Smoking Cessation Webinars This Month

Starting in January, UT employees and their spouses who smoke will be charged an additional $50 each per month through the state’s health insurance provider. This surcharge is designed to cover the additional health costs of smokers. Through the Health Insurance Tobacco Surcharge and Quit Incentive, you can take advantage of a free program to help you get a fresh start on life.

Latest Issue of ‘For Your Benefit’ Arriving Soon

Knoxville-area full-time faculty and staff should keep an eye on their mailboxes this week for the next issue of For Your Benefit, the one-stop shop for important UT employee information from HR. The newsletter provides employees with information about deadlines and other benefit opportunities throughout the calendar year.