Faculty Appreciation News

College Kudos: David Patterson, College of Social Work

Professor David Patterson said he borrows a page from noted cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien when he tells students that the best way to succeed in class and in their future careers: Show up, pay attention, tell the truth and don’t be so attached to the results that you can’t see the outcome. “The greatest gift you can give is the gift of your presence and willingness to sit with and be present with people as they struggle to change their lives,” he said.

College Kudos: Jane Row, UT Libraries

As the head of Research Services for the University Libraries, Jane Row loves the feeling she gets from interacting with the students. “My favorite thing is the connection you make with the students,” said Row, who has been a part of the Hodges Library team for 23 years. “Just the excitement of seeing them discover new concepts is great. Even with the limited resources we think we have, we feel we are making huge strides with new technology.”

College Kudos: Becky Jacobs, College of Law

Associate Professor Becky Jacobs has caused some UT law students to become “Jacobholics.” “These are students who take every class she offers, regardless of topic area,” said her colleague, Ben Barton, who is director of clinical programs and an associate professor of law. “This is because she is a brilliant and engaging teacher who makes endless time for the students. She is also a dedicated public servant.”

College Kudos: Richard Bennett, College of Engineering

Richard Bennett’s work is at the heart of efforts to enhance the UT Knoxville method of teaching freshman undergraduate engineering students. As the director of the ENGAGE Engineering Fundamentals Division in the College of Engineering and a professor of civil and environmental engineering, Bennett oversees the vital work of helping guide freshmen through a core curriculum that is designed to prepare them not only for the rigors of an undergraduate engineering degree, but also for their future careers.

Thanks, Faculty: ‘Proud to be a Vol’ and ‘True Inspiration’

UT Knoxville is honoring its faculty this week by featuring some of its special professors and instructors in stories and videos. Today, an alumna and a graduate student say Professors Mike Fitzgerald and Palmira Brummett made them “Proud to be Vols.”

Video: Faculty Appreciation Week Salute to Lynn Cagle

Mississippi educator and UT Knoxville alumna Susan Bunch thanks “her favorite teacher in the whole wide world,” Lynn Cagle, associate dean for professional licensure and director of the Graduate School of Education.