Faculty Appreciation Week 2013 News

Inspiring Ideas: UT Libraries

Get to know Gayle Baker and Thura Mack from the UT Libraries. It’s Baker’s job to stay current on electronic resources for faculty and students, and then make sure they know how to use them. Mack has been working in libraries since she was in high school, when she worked with an outreach librarian who delivered books on tape for the blind in the community.

Inspiring Ideas: College of Arts and Sciences

As part of Faculty Appreciation Week, meet Michelle Brown, Tom Burman, Witek Nazarewicz, and Althea Murphy-Price from the College of Arts and Sciences. Brown is an assistant professor of sociology, Burman is head of the Department of History, Nazarewicz is a professor of physics, and Murphy-Price is an assistant professor of art.

Inspiring Ideas: College of Veterinary Medicine

Get to know Steve Adair and Diane Hendrix from the College of Veterinary Medicine. A veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation specialist, Adair is known for paying special attention to his patients during their treatment and rehabilitation. Hendrix says a great day for her is when she has at least four different species of patients come across her exam table.

Inspiring Ideas: College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences

Get to know David Cihak and Sarah Hillyer from the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences. Cihak works with UT’s FUTURE Program, an initiative that aims to give students with intellectual disabilities a college experience while also teaching them how to live and work independently. Hillyer directs UT’s Center for Sport, Peace, and Society, which is partnering with the US Department of State on an initiative to empower women and girls worldwide through sports.

Inspiring Ideas: College of Architecture and Design

Get to know Thomas K. Davis and Mary Beth Robinson from the College of Architecture and Design. Davis recently received national recognition for his community outreach program with students, which aims to produce a walkable, pedestrian-friendly Nashville. Robinson invites students to explore how they relate to the environment through their important life moments, where they came from, and what sensory influences shaped them.

Faculty Appreciation: A Final Thanks from Students

“The research he’s doing here is pretty cool stuff.” “He just makes learning so much fun, I love tweeting the lectures.” Students thank their favorite professors in our final Faculty Appreciation Week video. You can post your own shout-out to your favorite faculty member on the Faculty Shout Out Page.

Inspiring Ideas: College of Nursing

Get to know associate professor Nan Gaylord and assistant professor Peggy Pierce from the College of Nursing. Gaylord is founder of the Vine School Health Center, a school-based health care clinic that serves students in Knox County who have limited access to health care. Pierce is leading a interdisciplinary team of students to learn using telehealth technology in the delivery of patient care at clinics around Knox County.

Inspiring Ideas: College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Get to know Brad Collett and Lannett Edwards from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Just thirteen years ago, Brad Collett was an honors student at UT, working on his bachelor’s degree in ornamental horticulture and landscape design. From funny videos to group competitions and love songs, Lannett Edwards inspires the laughs that lead to learning.