Faculty Appreciation Week 2011 News

Thanks, Faculty: Faculty Members Encourage Students in Many Ways

Sometimes it’s gentle prodding by urging a student to try something a little tougher than they think they can handle to gain confidence. Other times it’s downright “tough love.” Faculty members have various ways of encouraging their students to succeed.

Faculty Appreciation Week: Vols Game is Today’s Special Activity

This is Faculty Appreciation Week, a time to celebrate faculty and their teaching, research and outreach. Their work is a big part of what makes UT Knoxville the great university it is. Check out Wednesday’s special events and faculty features.

Thanks, Faculty: No Bones About It, Teacher’s Enthusiasm was Key

Faculty members who have a passion for what they do often inspire their students to want to learn. Alumna Shelly Huffaker Higgins wrote that Associate Professor Murray Marks was “possibly the best professor I ever had during my days at the university.”