Facilities Services News

Facilities Services Forms New Teams to Better Serve Campus

Derek Bailey

Facilities Services has formed two special teams to enhance its ability to serve the campus community. Dave Irvin, associate vice chancellor for Facilities Services, said the teams were created as a result of the department’s reorganization plan, which took a closer look at how Facilities Services can best fulfill the needs and mission of the campus.

Total Cleaning Program Brings Custodial Services Back In-house

Several changes have been made to the way campus buildings are being cleaned as Facilities Services transitions to its Total Cleaning program. The changes are part of UT’s move to bring all custodial services back in-house. For several years, Facilities Services crews and contract cleaning crews have shared the responsibility.

Spring Cleanup Passes the Halfway Point

The campus’s Spring Cleanup is in its seventh week of tidying up around campus. The twelve-week campaign is an effort to declutter academic buildings by getting rid of surplus equipment, used furniture, trash, and recyclables. After six weeks, crews from Facilities Services have removed approximately 200 tons of surplus equipment and furniture from fourteen buildings.

Spring Cleanup Begins April 16

In an effort to declutter academic buildings, a campus-wide spring-cleaning effort will begin April 16. Campus departments should use the Spring Cleanup as an opportunity to get rid of surplus equipment, used furniture, trash, and recyclables. Provost Susan Martin and Interim Vice Chancellor of Research Lee Riedinger are asking departments to make the Spring Cleanup a priority, and special resources are being dedicated to making it easier to move property out of campus buildings.

Spring Cleanup Schedule

The Spring Clean-up aims to improve the look of our campus and to enhance safety by decluttering hallways and other spaces. The clean-up effort begins April 16. Below is the complete schedule for the Spring Clean-up.

Facilities Services Project Takes to the Air

Facilities Services is working with a contractor to determine the damage and wear and tear to the roofs on eighty-three buildings, including the Middlebrook Pike Building and the UT Conference Center. The core of the assessment involves taking thermo graphic surveys by helicopter flyovers throughout campus.

Building Temperatures Adjusted for Winter Break Energy Savings

Now that the fall semester has ended, the campus has a tremendous opportunity to reduce energy consumption and utility costs. Facilities Services has set back or turned off heating and cooling systems in campus spaces that do not house research laboratories, animal care facilities, server rooms, or other temperature-sensitive operations.

David Irvin Named Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services

David Irvin has been named associate vice chancellor for facilities services for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He will begin on October 3. Irvin has more than thirty years of experience in university facilities and maintenance, and is currently associate vice president for plant operations at the University of Houston and the associate vice chancellor for plant operations for the university system.

Facilities Services Department Introduces “One Call” Program

In an effort to expand availability and increase its level of customer service, the UT Knoxville Facilities Services department has launched the Facilities One Call program. Beginning April 5, members of the campus community can call one phone number, 24 hours a day, any day of the year and speak live with a Facilities Services representative. The number is 865-946-7777, or 6-7777 if you are calling from a campus phone.