Facilities Services News

New UT Cleaning Philosophy Shines

A new way to clean campus buildings is boosting efficiency as UT switches more office space to its in-house cleaning service. The Total Cleaning initiative emphasizes nightly cleaning of public areas such as classrooms, lobbies, and bathrooms to give campus buildings an overall improved appearance. “With our goal to become a Top 25 university, we need to improve the curb appeal of our facilities,” said Gordon Nelson, assistant director in Building Services.

UT “Like Home” for David Brown

David Brown has seen a lot of changes at UT over the years, but one thing remains constant—his appreciation for the work he does here. Brown, who currently drives the UT Recycling truck, recently celebrated forty-five years with the university.

New Look for Facilities Services Employees

UT’s Facilities Services employees are sporting an updated look—light gray shirts and charcoal pants. The new uniforms come as part of the department’s reorganization effort, which is in line with the university’s long-range master plan and its goal to become a Top 25 public research university.

Service is Just ‘One Call’ Away

With the semester now in full swing, the campus community is reminded they can reach Facilities Services twenty-four hours a day. The Facilities “One Call” program is available all day, every day of the year. Customers can call 865-946-7777, or 6-7777 from a campus phone, and speak live with a Facilities Services representative.

2013 Spring Cleanup Begins March 4

Following the heavy haul of last year’s Spring Cleanup, the campus will kick off its 2013 spring-cleaning campaign the first week of March with the goal of decluttering and improving the look of academic buildings. Campus departments should use the Spring Cleanup as an opportunity to get rid of surplus equipment, used furniture, trash, and recyclables. Last year, more than fifteen tons of waste were removed from the campus’s academic buildings, along with 656 tons of surplus equipment and furniture.

Spring 2013 Cleanup Schedule

Following the success of last year’s Spring Cleanup, the campus will kick off its 2013 spring-cleaning campaign on March 4 with the goal of decluttering and improving the look of academic buildings

UT Gets Top US Building Council Award

UT has received the Green Light Award from the East Tennessee chapter of the US Green Building Council. The Green Light Award is the highest award given to an organization for advancing sustainability through green building practices and design.

Facilities Services Forms New Teams to Better Serve Campus

Derek Bailey

Facilities Services has formed two special teams to enhance its ability to serve the campus community. Dave Irvin, associate vice chancellor for Facilities Services, said the teams were created as a result of the department’s reorganization plan, which took a closer look at how Facilities Services can best fulfill the needs and mission of the campus.

Total Cleaning Program Brings Custodial Services Back In-house

Several changes have been made to the way campus buildings are being cleaned as Facilities Services transitions to its Total Cleaning program. The changes are part of UT’s move to bring all custodial services back in-house. For several years, Facilities Services crews and contract cleaning crews have shared the responsibility.