environmental health and safety News

Shipping Dangerous Goods Requires Certification

Mailing or shipping dangerous goods or carrying a dangerous item during travel requires certification by the Department of Transportation for ground shipments or International Air Transport Association for air shipments. For questions on dangerous goods shipments including chemical, biological and radiological, please e-mail hazmat_shipping@utk.edu. Before shipping a dangerous good, please review the Dangerous Goods Policy on the EHS website.

Update on Air Quality of Campus

While most of Knox County’s air quality measures in the green or good range today, the Knox County Health Department is advising that areas near the downtown-area mulch fire are likely still being impacted by unhealthy air due to smoke. While the impact area changes due to weather conditions and wind direction, health officials said Wednesday that if you can smell smoke, the air quality is unhealthy.

UT Adds Defibrillators to Campus Buildings

The University of Tennessee has installed life-saving devices in additional buildings on campus. The devices, automated external defibrillators (AEDs), automatically analyze the heart rhythm of someone suspected of having a heart attack. If the AED detects a problem that may respond to an electrical shock, the device will deliver the shock to restore normal heart rhythm.

This Week is National Fire Prevention Week

The week of Oct. 3 – 9 is National Fire Prevention Week, and this year’s motto is “Smoke Alarms: A Sound You Can Live With.” National Fire Prevention Week is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association. National Fire Prevention Week was launched in remembrance of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

Faculty and Staff Asked to Keep Safety in Mind on Game Day

UT Knoxville faculty and staff are encouraged to keep safety in mind as they travel on foot across campus during football game weekends. Stay on normal walking areas such as sidewalks and parking lots, and avoid hazardous shortcuts, including railroads (in particular the CSX rail yard), steep embankments, construction sites and other areas unsuitable for walking. Be safe, have fun and Go Vols!