Engineers Day News

Engineers Day Brings Record Crowd, Competition, and NASA to The Hill

The College of Engineering’s annual Engineers Day festivities brought a record-setting number high school students from around the state to The Hill on Thursday, where demonstrations, games, food, and fun served as the backdrop for a “getting to know you” session between the students from and the college.

College of Engineering Hosts 100th Anniversary of Engineers Day

For the 100th year, undergraduate engineering classes will be dismissed for one day in October so students and faculty can interact with potential engineering students from high schools across the region. This year’s annual Engineers Day will take place on Thursday, October 25. More than a thousand students from forty-four high schools will be traveling to UT to learn about exciting opportunities for future engineers.

UT College of Engineering Hosts High Schoolers for Engineers Day

This Thursday, Oct. 28, the College of Engineering at UT Knoxville will host Engineers Day. Each October, undergraduate engineering classes are dismissed for one day to allow university students and faculty to spend time interacting with hundreds of potential engineering students from high schools across the region. Engineers Day has been a UT College of Engineering tradition for nearly 100 years.