Earth and Planetary Sciences News

Professor Shares Photos from Rover Mission

Linda Kah is an integral part of the NASA team working on the Curiosity rover on Mars. The associate professor of earth and planetary sciences works on camera team that is searching for features within rocks that might provide clues to the role of fluids in the planet’s past. This week, she shared a self-portrait of the rover.

Professors’ Research Now Art Exhibit in McClung Museum

Science and art have collided at the Frank H. McClung Museum. A new exhibit called “Continents Collide: The Appalachians and the Himalayas” turns the research of Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences and Distinguished Scientist Robert Hatcher and Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences Micah Jessup into a thing of beauty.

WATE-TV: UT professor prepares for Mars mission

This month, Linda Kah, associate professor in earth and planetary sciences, will begin looking for life on mars. WATE-TV’s Gene Patterson featured Kah and her research in a recent story on Six News.

Geology, Groundwater Research the Focus of UT’s Pregame Showcase

Larry McKay, head of UT Knoxville’s earth and planetary sciences department, will lead this week’s College of Arts and Sciences Pregame Faculty Showcase. The presentation focuses on McKay’s research of the movement of viruses and bacteria in groundwater and streams. McKay’s presentation, “Germs and Geology: Emerging Issues in Waterborne Pathogen Research,” will begin at 5 p.m. this Saturday, Nov. 7, in the University Center ballroom on UT’s campus.