Do Deutsch! News

UT Student Wins National Video Competition, Trip to Germany

A video of a German garden gnome decked out in Big Orange attire has won a national first-place prize for Bernadette Kolp, a freshman nursing major. Kolp is one of five national winners in the “Do Deutsch” German Olympiad sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, the Ready for the World Initiative, and the German Embassy to the United States.

UT’s “Do Deutsch!” Events Continue October 10-14

“Do Deutsch!,” this year’s October celebration of all things German, continues at UT Knoxville with “Do Deutsch!” Week, October 10-14. Starting in late August, a series of creativity contests were held on campus relating to the theme “German(y) in Your Life.” Each entry was to explore an element of Germany, such as its culture, its language, or its influence on America.