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International Media Quote Burghardt on Compatibility of Reptiles, Amphibians and Modern Lifestyles

A debate over reptile pets erupted in a series of articles published recently in the journal, Veterinary Record. In a linked editorial, UT’s Gordon Burghardt said issues of health, best practices for keeping captives, and preventing disease transmission to humans “are important for veterinarians to address.” But he believes reptiles and amphibians “are compatible with

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Toxic Snakes Know They’re Toxic, Agrees Burghardt in New Scientist

UT professor Gordon Burghardt teamed up with Akira Mori, a professor at Kyoto University in Japan, to study how different snakes respond when fed toxic foods. In a recent New Scientist article, their researched showed that when snakes were fed toxic toads, they became aware they were toxic and would respond to threats with nuchal

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Falling Back: Change Clocks on Sunday when Daylight Saving Time Ends

Daylight saving time comes to an end Sunday, November 5, so before turning out the lights Saturday night, remember to set your clock back one hour. Theresa Lee, dean of UT’s College of Arts and Sciences and professor of psychology, said the one-hour shift will be easy to make but it may take a day or two to adjust.

WBIR: Gordon Explains How to Use H.A.L.T Model in Relationships

Kristina Gordon, UT psychology professor and relationship expert, explained to WBIR-TV Channel 10 when it is a good versus bad time to have a talk about conflict. Gordon says that it is smart to use the H.A.L.T Model when dealing with conflict in a relationship. She said it is best to not handle conflict when you

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KNS Interviews Grzanka about Proposed Changes to Knox Schools’ Protected Groups List

The Knoxville News Sentinel interviewed Patrick Grzanka, a member of the Tennessee Equality Project and UT assistant professor of psychology, about proposed changes to Knox County Schools’ list of protected groups under its harassment policy. The Knox County school board reversed course after LGBT activists pushed back on a proposal to remove language explicitly protecting gay, lesbian and transgender

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Huffington Post Highlights UT Forgiveness Research

The Huffington Post recently featured an article examining five health benefits of forgiveness. The article highlighted UT research, which showed that forgiveness is associated with a whole range of health measures that include sleep quality and fatigue.

National Outlets Feature Szymanski Research on Connection Between ‘Breastaurants’ and Women’s Mental Health

UT professor of psychology Dawn Szymanski recently published a study in the Psychology of Women Quarterly that suggests that women who work in restaurants that require their bodies to be on display through revealing uniforms may experience higher levels of anxiety and disordered eating. The study found that female servers in these types of restaurants—dubbed “breastaurants”

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Postdoc, Undergrads Pen Column in The Root About Flint Water Crisis

A team of UT undergraduates and one postdoctoral researcher penned a column for The Root exploring the causes of the Flint, Michigan water crisis and questioned which parties are to be held responsible. The water crisis poisoned Flint residents and a government investigation has brought forth charges as a result. The column’s writers include Louise Seamster,

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News Sentinel Highlights Burghardt Expertise About Snake-Human Relationship

A recent Knoxville News Sentinel story explored mankind’s complex relationship with snakes particularly since the reptiles remain a part of so many cultures’ fears, focus of worship, captive exhibits and symbolic or religious meanings. UT’s Gordon Burghardt expounded on the psychology of snakes in this story. He noted that the fear of snakes can easily turn

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