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Study: Natural Playgrounds More Beneficial to Children, Inspire More Play

Children who play on playgrounds that incorporate natural elements like logs and flowers tend to be more active than those who play on traditional playgrounds with metal and brightly colored equipment, according to a recent UT study. They also appear to use their imagination more, according to the report.

WATE: UT researchers find natural playgrounds more beneficial to kids

The results are in from a new playground safety study at UT which shows that natural playgrounds with logs and flowers are more beneficial to children than traditional playgrounds that have big, brightly colored plastic or metal equipment. WATE Channel 6 featured the research of Dawn Coe, an assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology, in

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Chicago Tribune: Power walking falls between the ramble and the race

If watching the London Olympics has sparked an interest in race walking, with its singular hip-swinging, rolling gait, but the pace is not right, consider power walking, its more easygoing cousin. Whatever your fitness level, there will be perks, said Dixie Thompson, head of UT’s department of kinesiology, recreation and sport studies, in this Chicago

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US News: Need to Get Walking More? Clip on a Pedometer

US News interviewed David Bassett Jr., co-director of the UT Obesity Research Center and a professor in the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies, about a study that shows that wearing a pedometer can help boost walking rates. In the article, Bassett noted that pedometers can be used in a minimal contact, cost-effective waywithin health

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UT Study May Change Design of Playgrounds

Several local news outlets highlighted a new study at UT’s Early Learning Center that may change the way playgrounds are designed. Sean Durham, director of the center, decided to give the playground a new look to help children connect with the environment. Dawn Coe, an assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology, says the natural setting not

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WATE-TV: UT students go to camp to help kids with disabilities

More than 200 UT students are in Crossville, Tennessee, this week serving as counselors for kids with disabilities at Camp Koinonia, part of the Therpeutic Recreation program. Gene Hayes, professor in the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies, started the camp 35 years ago hoping to give kids with severe disabilities the most typical summer camp experience possible.

Retired South Korean Elite Athletes to Leave UT as Global Sports Ambassadors

When South Korea hosts the 2018 Winter Olympics, Kyunsuk Kim hopes to be at the forefront of helping his country plan the international event. Kim, 36, a retired competitive alpine skier, this fall studied at UT Knoxville through the Next Generation Sports Talent program, an initiative designed to prepare retired South Korean elite athletes to be coaches and international sports diplomats.

UT Student Among First Women on Non-compliant Search-Seizure Team

When she was in the Navy, Melissa Watson was one of the first women trained to use hand-to-hand combat, if needed, during searches of foreign ships in a war zone. Watson finished eight years of military service in 2007 and is now at UT Knoxville working on her master’s degree in therapeutic recreation. She hopes to use her healing hands to work with injured soldiers and veterans.

UT Study Looks at Manual Wheelchair Use, Exercise, and Calorie Burning

A person who uses a manual wheelchair can burn up to 120 calories in half an hour while wheeling at 2 mph on a flat surface, which is three times as much as someone doing the same action in a motorized wheelchair. The same person can expend 127 calories while mopping and as much as 258 calories while fencing in a thirty-minute timeframe if the activities are done in a manual wheelchair. This is according to a review article written by UT Knoxville professor David R. Bassett Jr.