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Honors and awards for the university’s faculty and graduate students.

Professors Study Dilemmas in Sustaining Red Light Camera Programs

It’s a common driving predicament: As you approach the intersection, the light is yellow. Do you hit the brakes or face a red light camera fine? Professors at UT have analyzed this issue to determine if traffic control measures intended to boost red light revenue result in compromised safety.

Engineering Student Selected as Eno Fellow

Amber Woodburn, a doctoral student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering under the direction of Megan Ryerson, has been selected to participate in the twenty-first annual Eno Leadership Development Conference, to be held in June in Washington, D.C. Woodburn will be part of a small class of students, Eno Fellows, who are engaged in transportation policy.

UT Study Predicts Extreme Climate in Eastern U.S.

From extreme drought to super storms, many wonder what the future holds for the climate of the eastern United States. A study conducted by researchers at UT does away with the guessing. Results show the region will be hotter and wetter. Joshua Fu, a civil and environmental engineering professor, and Yang Gao, a graduate research assistant, developed precise scales of cities which act as a climate crystal ball seeing high resolution climate changes almost fifty years into the future.

Engineering Team to Use EPA Award to Teach High Schoolers about E-Bikes

How likely is a new teenage driver to trade in his or her keys for an electric bike? That’s a question some UT professors are trying to answer. Together, professors from four different departments within the College of Engineering have won a $15,000 grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency. The grant is phase one of the EPA’s People, Prosperity and the Planet annual student design competition, which offers students quality hands-on experience that brings their classroom learning to life.