Culinary Institute News

Hot! Hot! Hot! UT Culinary Institute Adds Hot Peppers to its Kitchen Garden

UT Knoxville’s Culinary Institute this summer added a new crop to its kitchen garden: bhut jolokia, a Thai pepper that is the hottest pepper in the world. The bhut jolokia was planted in a section of the Culinary Institute’s kitchen garden dubbed the “Five Alarm Garden” because it also contains jalapeños, habaneros and various other types of hot peppers.

19 Food Aficionados Graduate from UT’s Culinary Institute Tonight

Nineteen students will graduate tonight from the Culinary Institute at UT Knoxville. This is the institute’s sixth graduating class. The graduation — which consists of the students cooking a gourmet dinner for 150 invited guests — will be held at 7 p.m. at the UT Visitors Center near the corner of Neyland Drive and Kingston Pike.

Gastronomical Graduation: 16 Complete UT Culinary Institute Program

Sixteen food enthusiasts — college students, retirees and working professionals in a variety of fields, including some already in the food service industry — graduated Wednesday, Dec. 2, from the Culinary Institute at UT Knoxville. This is the fifth class to graduate from the institute since it started in October 2007.