College of Nursing News

UT College of Nursing Joins Forces with The Beryl Institute

In health care, giving patients the best care possible is the primary goal. The UT Knoxville College of Nursing has continuously taken strides in educating nurses to provide the most comprehensive health care for everyone. The college has taken a giant leap toward this goal by being selected as one of five schools in the nation to participate in The Beryl Institute’s Educational Outreach Program.

Nursing Student Volunteers Hold Fossil and Microscope Days at School

Playing with plastic turtles and snakes is not part of the College of Nursing curriculum at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. But it was part of Fossil Day at Norwood Elementary, an outreach activity of the Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) in which nursing students assisted fifth grade teachers in illustrating to their students how fossils were formed.

UT College of Nursing Faculty Members Honored

Faculty members at UT Knoxville’s College of Nursing make a difference in people’s lives every day—and they are being recognized for it. Three members recently were given state and nationwide awards for being leaders in their field.

UT College of Nursing Kicks Off 40th Year with NightinGala

The UT Knoxville College of Nursing has been played a critical role in caring for and educating East Tennessee’s communities for almost forty years. Community members can return the favor—by enjoying good food, drink, music, and the company of Barbara Dooley at the College of Nursing’s third annual NightinGala.

UT College of Nursing Prepares Nurses for Global Disasters

When disaster strikes, nurses are on the front lines—caring for victims, managing resources, communicating information, and directing others in caring for people’s psychological and physical well-being. Yet, few educational programs offer nurses comprehensive training to lead in disaster situations worldwide. The UT Knoxville College of Nursing is accepting applications for its new Global Disaster Nursing program, which will train nurses to respond to emergencies anywhere in the world.