College of Engineering News

UT-led University Transportation Center Establishes Major Research Initiatives

The Southeastern Transportation Center has established an ambitious research program to address comprehensive transportation safety in the Southeast and beyond. The STC research topics include class modification factors, integrated simulation and safety, and exploring factors that impact safety.

Four Faculty Named AAAS Fellows

For studies that focus on green energy and 3D printing, four UT professors, including two UT-Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor’s Chairs, are being recognized for their teaching and research. The faculty members have been named by the American Association for the Advancement of Science to its 2013 class of fellows.

College of Engineering Establishes Endowed Deanship


UT’s College of Engineering has established an endowed deanship in honor of Dean Wayne Davis. This is the first deanship for the college and second for the university. The $3 million endowed deanship is a visible affirmation of the importance of Davis’s great leadership in the academic enterprise.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: A Diversity Effort That Goes Back Decades

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured the College of Engineering’s success in diversity programs. According to the article, the college’s Office of Diversity Programs, which just celebrated the fortieth anniversary of such programs at the college, has seen the graduation of more than 900 minority students, including fifteen master’s and Ph.D. students.

UT Teams Win EPA Awards, Tackle Environmental Challenges

Two environmental advances—a new source of lumber for construction and efficient breakdown of plastic mulch—are closer to becoming reality, thanks to the work of two student-professor teams from UT. The projects are being funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s People, Prosperity, and the Planet (P3) Phase I grants.