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College of Engineering Kicks Off Fall Distinguished Lecture Series


The College of Engineering begins its fall slate of honored speakers, as the University of Pennsylvania’s Katherine Kuchenbecker joins the Distinguished Lecture Series for her talk on “Tactile Feedback for Telerobotic Surgery.” Kuchenbecker, an Associate Professor in Penn’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics with a secondary appointment in the Department of Computer and

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Public Invited to Test Variety of Electric Vehicles

The East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition, with a bit of help from the University of Tennessee, is hosting a number of events this weekend to help put the spotlight on electric vehicles.

Blache Writes Op-Ed for ‘Maintenance Technology’

Maintenance Technology

Klaus Blache, the director of the Reliability and Maintainability Center at UT, recently had the opportunity to write an opinion piece for the magazine Maintenance Technology. Blache addressed businesses on the topic of fixing “low-hanging fruit.”

Engineers Developing Threat Detection Device for Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security recently awarded a grant to faculty from two College of Engineering departments who are collaborating to develop a portable nuclear or radiation detector that could be used without causing alarm to the public or alerting possible terror cells.