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Gold Star Moms: History Department Moms Share Pain of Losing Sons in War

Bernice Koprince and grandson, Billy (named after William Koprince) plant flags at a veterans memorial celebration.

Kim Harrison and Bernice Koprince are both Gold Star moms; both of their sons died in the line of duty overseas. They both work in the  Department of History.

Army Specialist G. Daniel Harrison died on December 2, 2004, in Mosul, Iraq. He was in the 293rd Military Police Company and was killed in combat, saving the lives of other soldiers on patrol that day. He was 22.

US Marine Corps Lance Corporal William C. Koprince Jr. was serving his third overseas deployment, and his second in Iraq, when he was killed by an improvised explosive device on December 27, 2006, in the city of Habbaniyah during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was 24.

This week, leading up to Mother’s Day, we’re sharing the stories of some moms who work on campus. Mother’s Day is a tough day for Kim Harrison and Bernice Koprince, both administrative specialists in the Department of History. Both are Gold Star moms: their sons died while serving in the US military overseas. And both say they’ll get through the day by focusing on good memories and gratitude rather than grief.