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College of Architecture and Design Hosts van Eyck Today

Male and female student walking in stairwell inside window in the Art & Architecture Building..Photo by Jennie Andrews..Found in CreativeMini/SharedPhotos/Jennie Andrews 2014/10.23.14

The College of Architecture and Design will host visiting lecturer, Jerry van Eyck, founder of !melk, at 5:30 p.m. September 28. The lecture will take place in the Art and Architecture Building’s McCarty Auditorium.

A Place Like No Other: Faculty Member Reflects on Designing the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial


For Julie Beckman and Keith Kaseman, now faculty members in the College of Architecture and Design, September 11, 2001, started as a typical Tuesday morning in Manhattan. But the terrible events of that day forever changed the course of their lives and their careers, as it led them to creating the Pentagon Memorial, dedicated in 2008.

Unique Faculty Group Tackling Water Resource Challenges

The Watershed Faculty Consortium is hosting its fourth symposium on water availability on Tuesday, September 15. This year’s event will focus on policy and its impact on environmental laws and water needs.