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UT Study Finds China’s Newfound Mobility Increasingly Reliant on E-Bikes

China has long had the largest population of any country in the world, but its recent economic boom has presented it with a number of problems, especially transportation and air quality. UT researchers have been studying the use of e-bikes in China, and their new findings shed light on the demographic and geographic use of the new technology.

Study Could Improve Safety for Cyclists, E-Bikes

A study by UT researchers could soon change the way electric bicycles are used and regulated. Led by Chris Cherry, the group took one of the first in-depth looks at how the behavior of e-bike riders compares to that of traditional bikers.

Gizmodo: Why Don’t More Cities Have E-Bike Shares?

A research project by Chris Cherry, associate professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, was cited in a Gizmodo article which investigates why electric bicycle shares are not more prevalent in American cities. Cherry’s project, launched in 2011, was the nation’s first automated electric bicycle (e-bike) sharing system. To read more, visit Gizmodo.

Bloomberg interviews Chris Cherry on China’s e-bike problems interviewed Chris Cherry, an associate professor in the College of Engineering’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, for its recent story on some of the safety issues plaguing electronic bicycle use in China.

The Guardian: Electric bikes, what experiences in China can tell us

Chris Cherry, an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, wrote an article for The Guardian. Cherry has done extensive research on electric bikes in China and launched UT’s electric bike sharing system. His article reviews observations of increased e-bike use in China, a country badly inflicted by pollution.  Cherry summarizes that

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