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UT Report: Tennessee is Seeing ‘Piecemeal Signs’ of Recession Easing

The economy is on the upward slope, but the climb is going to be a steep one. That’s the good news — and the bad news — described in “The Tennessee Business and Economic Outlook: Fall 2009,” a report just issued by the Center for Business and Economic Research at UT Knoxville. The report looks at both the U.S. and the Tennessee economy, and notes that the nation is recovering more quickly than the state.

UT Study: UT Knoxville Campus Has More Than $900M Impact on State Economy

A new study shows that the combined economic impact of UT Knoxville on the state of Tennessee is more than $915 million. Because of the broad range of purchasing and relationships that the campus and its employees have statewide, UT economists say this impact translates to 1.8 additional jobs for every person working on campus, and $3.10 in income for every dollar directly earned by university employees.