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UT Economists Say State, National Economies Improving Slowly

Slowly and somewhat unsteadily, Tennessee and the U.S. are recovering from the Great Recession. That’s the cautiously optimistic prediction in the 2012 Economic Report to the Governor, released today by the Center for Business and Economic Research at UT Knoxville.

UT Study: Number of Uninsured Children Decreases, TennCare Satisfaction Remains High

The number of uninsured children in Tennessee has declined compared to last year, while the number of adults without insurance has remained the same, according to a study released today by UT Knoxville’s Center for Business and Economic Research. Increased enrollment in TennCare, the state’s medical assistance program for those with low income, and CoverKids, a program for children eighteen and younger, are possible reasons for this decrease, according to the study.

UT Report: Economy Shows Short-term Gains; Major Improvements Not Likely Until 2013

Tennesseans are in for the long haul and likely won’t see significant improvements in the state’s economy until 2013. Many aspects of the economy, however, are showing some gains in the short-term, which is good news particularly in the areas of employment, personal income, sales tax, and state tax revenue, according to a UT Knoxville report released today.

Government, Industry Leaders to Discuss Sustainable Business and Tourism

UT Knoxville’s Center for Sustainable Business and Tourism and Center for Business and Economic Research will host two events that showcase sustainable business, environment, and communities. On Tuesday, March 29, commissioners from state government will participate in a panel discussion on sustainable transportation and tourism and attracting green businesses to Tennessee. On Thursday, March 31, a panel featuring regional industry leaders will focus on structuring and operating sustainable businesses.

UT Center Analyzes Census Numbers; State Population Trends Toward Cities

Tennessee’s population is trending with the nation by shifting from rural areas toward urban areas. Twenty-five counties in Tennessee exceeded the state’s 11.5 percent growth rate from 2000 to 2010, while 70 counties grew at a slower pace according to 2010 census data released today. The Tennessee State Data Center, which is housed in the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Center for Business and Economic Research, will continue to analyze the results of the 2010 census over the coming weeks and months.

UT Report: Economy Continues to Rebound at Slow Rate

It will take years for the U.S. and Tennessee economies to recover, and they may never look quite the same as they did before the recession. Still, they are recovering. This is the forecast in the 2011 Economic Report to the Governor, an annual report prepared by the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

UT Center Analyzes Census Numbers, State Growing Faster than Nation

Tennessee’s population is outpacing the nation’s. The United States Census Bureau released the first results of the 2010 census Dec. 21. The results show Tennessee’s population increased 11.5 percent to 6,346,105. By comparison, the U.S. population increased 9.7 percent to 308,745,538. Tennessee’s census information is analyzed by the Tennessee State Data Center which is housed within UT Knoxville’s Center for Business and Economic Research.

UT Study: Satisfaction with TennCare Highest in History

TennCare, the state’s expanded Medicaid program offering medical assistance for low-income children, pregnant women and disabled adults, received its highest satisfaction score to date from its recipients. That was among the findings in a survey recently released by UT Knoxville’s Center for Business and Economic Research.