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Editorial Guidelines Can Help in Writing about the University


Learn more about how to accurately refer to UT in written pieces, instances when the university’s editorial style is different from the Chicago Manual of Style and Associated Press style, and the lingo we use to capture UT’s spirit.

Big Orange. Big Ideas. Big Launch.

On Wednesday the campus launched its new “Big Orange. Big Ideas.” campaign, which aims to enhance the university’s reputation and help UT reach its Top 25 goal. Despite the gloomy weather on launch day, Volunteers from around campus came out to celebrate the effort.

Some Answers to Your ‘Big Orange. Big Ideas.’ Questions

UT’s “Big Orange. Big Ideas.” branding campaign rolled out to the campus yesterday. This tagline is the framework for marketing the university and reminding people of UT’s impact on the state and the nation. Here, Tennessee Today answers some of the questions you may have about the effort.

Who We Are on Rocky Top

UT Knoxville has unveiled an exciting new look that embraces UT’s colors, energy, achievements, and enthusiasm. The campaign introduces the world to UT—Big Orange. Big Ideas.

UT Unveils Redesigned Web Site

UT Knoxville’s bright and bold redesigned website launched today as a key component of the university’s new branding strategy. The website has been reworked to better serve its many users and to convey the new look and feel of the university. Over the past year, the site has had 14.7 million visits for an average of 40,000 visits per day.

“Big” Branding Campaign Introduced

Big Orange. Big Ideas. What’s the buzz all about? We think it’s a perfect way to describe our university, and it’s the focus of a new branding strategy rolling out across campus today. You are invited to come take a closer look and find out more from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. today on the Pedestrian Walkway. Volunteers will be handing out T-shirts, posters, and more, during a live remote broadcast by WUTK-FM.

UT Launches “Big” Branding Campaign; Part of Top 25 Mission

The debut of a new look for UT Knoxville is focused on reaching students, faculty, and staff to share more about the branding project which embraces UT’s colors, its energy, achievements, and enthusiasm. The tagline “Big Orange. Big Ideas.” will be used as the framework for marketing the university and reminding people of UT’s impact on the state and the nation.