Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology News

New UT Knoxville Research Finds New Ways to Understand Bacteria’s ‘Thinking’

It’s not thinking in the way humans, dogs or even birds think, but new findings from researchers at UT Knoxville show that bacteria are more capable of complex decision-making than previously known. The discovery sets a landmark in research to understand the way bacteria are able to respond and adapt to changes in their environment, a trait shared by nearly all living things, and it could lead to innovations in fields from medicine to agriculture.

UT Pregame Showcase Focuses on Nanoscale View of Human Proteins

The Oct. 10 College of Arts and Sciences Pregame Faculty Showcase focuses on a UT Knoxville biology professor’s work to visualize human proteins on a scale too small for even the most powerful microscopes. Cynthia Peterson, professor and head of the department of biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology, will lead the discussion “Building a Biological Camera: 3D Snapshots of a Protein.” Peterson’s work to view proteins on the nanoscale is important because the tiny proteins play an important role in blood coagulation, immunity, infectious disease, neurobiology and cancer.