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Power Play: Mandrus Helping Shape Future of Modern World

Professor David Mandrus has his own spin on the future. Mandrus recently was chosen by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as a Moore Synthesis Investigator, a highly selective honor that carries with it $1.7 million in funding.

What’s Your Big Idea?—Collaborative Learning

What does a classroom look like with no “front”? Stop by the Humanities and Social Sciences Building to find out. Bill Dunne, chair of the classroom upgrade subcommittee and associate dean of the College of Engineering, had the big idea of renovating classrooms to foster student-centric learning.

UT Renovates Classroom Building to Focus on Student Collaboration

With the rise in popularity of online lectures, UT has moved toward student-centric learning in a building considered the “classroom hub” for the campus. While renovating the Humanities and Social Sciences Building last year, UT sought to overhaul the traditional higher education lecture—becoming one of the first universities in the country to dedicate an entire classroom building to this collaborative learning teaching style.

Improvement to Student Learning Drives HSS Renovations

A desire to improve learning and foster more student interaction is driving the renovations of the Humanities and Social Sciences Building. The work is already under way and will kick into high gear once the spring semester ends. It will continue through the summer.