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Big Idea: Professor Highlights Student Veterans through Photos

Baldwin Lee

Art Professor Baldwin Lee wants to help student veterans document their time in the military through their own candid photos. But he’s not looking for posed photos or action shots. He’s interested in pictures that capture their everyday experiences while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lee’s project is called “Through a Soldier’s Eye.”

UT Art Professor to Help Student Veterans Document War Experiences via Candid Photos

About two years ago during a class, UT art professor Baldwin Lee walked up to Trent Frazor and noticed he had pictures on his computer screen. One was a photo of Frazor, a graduate student and veteran of the Iraq War, in a foxhole, his face and hands covered in camouflage paint. That moment planted an idea in Lee’s mind to help student veterans document their time in the military through their own candid photos.

UT Mini-Summit to Focus on Photography, Poverty and Politics in the South and Abroad

“Baldwin Lee, James Agee and Walker Evans: Photography, Poverty, Politics in the South and Abroad” will be theme of a mini-summit to be held Feb. 4 and 11 at UT Knoxville. “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men,” by author James Agee and photographer Walker Evans, will be the used in various discussions on the first day. The second day will fast forward 50 years to the 1980s, with an exhibit and a presentation about photographs taken by UT Professor Baldwin Lee.

Ready for the World: Our World in Need — UT Photography Professor Baldwin Lee Focuses a Lens on Poverty

Baldwin Lee has seen his share of poverty. In his forthcoming book, to be titled “On Photographing in the South,” Lee, a photography professor in the School of Art at UT Knoxville, will provide a visual tour of the Southeast, including some of the poorer areas of the region. Lee is sharing these same photos with his students this year to help them understand poverty — and to help them learn to look beyond poverty to see people.