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Faculty Recognized for Teaching at Annual Honors Banquet


Last week, Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek celebrated faculty, staff, and students for their accomplishments throughout the past academic year. Debora Baldwin, associate professor of psychology; Bruce MacLennan, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science; Anthony Nownes, professor of political science; and Marianne Wanamaker, associate professor of economics, each received the Alumni Outstanding Teacher Award.

UT Professor Looks at How Stars’ Endorsements Can Help—or Hurt—Politicians

Star-studded endorsements may be attention grabbing, but does it influence voters? Yes, it does, according to research recently published by a political science professor Anthony Nownes. Nownes found that celebrities who contribute to political campaigns can make a party more or less likable, depending on what voters think of the celebrities in the first place.

Washington Post: Why celeb endorsements matter

Political science professor Anthony Nownes was featured in a Washington Post blog entitled “Why celeb endorsements matter (Or, is George Clooney more like Jennifer Aniston or Peyton Manning?)”.